Accessory Pouch 140D


    This is an accessory pouch that attaches to your shoulder strap. Perfect for a cell phone, keys and just those extra things that need a pocket when you leave the car. Made from Ultralight 140D dyneema fabric and powermesh front pocket. Weight- .5oz

    Bishop Bag (Double sided stuff sack for hammocks)


    These stuff sacks have a draw cord on either end. The hammock would then pull out of each end. It stays on the line so not to get lost. Made from extremely light .51oz cuben fiber with a main bonded seam and sewn draw cord channels. Using cuben fiber stuff sacks is a great way to loose some extra pack weight.
    -New size is 10 x 20 large enough to hold most hammocks and some extra stuff

    Critter Bag (Hybrid Cuben)


    Its cool, Its tough and it safely stores your food! This isn't your basic food sack. Made from 2.92oz Hybrid Cuben material. Which is a blend of 1.43oz cuben fiber and a 50denier nylon shell giving those critters a heck of a time getting your food. The top works just like a roll top dry sack with a 1/2in side release buckle closure. This is designed for about 3 days worth of food for 1 person.These come in either black or grey depending on stock. Determined by LUL.

    Weight is just- 1.5oz

    Dimensions: 11 x 20

    Cuben Fiber Accessory Pouch


    Attaches to almost any pack and holds everything from your keys to your cell phone. New updated version uses 1.25oz cuben Fiber for added durability.

    Weight: 0.25 oz
    Dimensions: 4 in × 6 in × 0.1 in

    Cuben Fiber Ridgeline Organizer


    Use this to hold everything you want right above your head at night. Phone,keys and your headlamp. These are made from .75oz Cuben Fiber. Three individually sewn pockets . Comes with mitten clips to attach to the ridgeline. I found the best way to attach this to your ridgeline is to make 2 prussic loops and clip each outside mitten clip to them. This provides tension and keeps the organizer in place. (See Picture)

    DWR/Thermal beanie


    Ah yes, another beanie to add to my collection. So here's the details. 1 layer of DWR- coated Polartec Windblock fleece makes up the outer layer. Next is a thermal regulating membrane to keep the heat in. Last is a highly breathable ACT mesh that wicks sweat and makes contact with the skin. WOW! we made it through all that. If you didn't understand here's a summary. This is a water-resistant thermal regulating- wicking beanie. HA. There DONE. Color: Ash-outer, Black mesh-inner

    Hybrid Cuben Fiber wallet


    Why carry a heavy leather wallet while hiking?  When you can have one that's just as durable , and weighs .2oz. All you really need in there is a credit card, ID and some cash. That's what it holds. Current color is black. standard wallet fold.

    Kids DWR/Thermal Fleece Beanie


    Keep your little champions head warm this winter with my DWR Fleece beanie. This provides good protection from light snow and rain while maintaining warmth even when wet. Measure around the top of there head and put that in the note section on checkout.

    LUL Baselayer's


    Lukesultralite base-layers. When i first got my hands on this fabric i couldn't wait to make a pair for myself. Its soft, comfortable and wicks better than most base layers i've tried. Why choose them? well, there lighter, USA Made and i use better fabric. This is to be considered a light insulator. 2-way stretch athletic fit- Pullover Crew Neck. These are perfect to go under my rain-gear and my down apparel.

    Fabric choice 1:
    100% Recycled polyester/ ECO wicking
    Anti-microbial finish
    Color: Taupe
    Long Sleeve top Price: $47.00

    LUL Gaitors


    This started as a custom project for a customer and i diecided to add it to my lineup. These gaitors are made from Pertex Shield fabric. This adds the perfect balance of durability and weight (Rain shell coming soon).

    -Full length velcro opening-
    -Top channel with 1/16 shock cord and Anchored cord lock
    -3/4in Elasticized Gaitor lace clip
    -1/8in Replacable shock cord Under shoe attachment Running through beastie-D-ring (Extra set included)
    -Bottom channel is Elasticized as well to make a good seal around your boot or shoe
    -14in Tall
    -Weight 2.1oz pair

    *As with all my products these are fully customizable*

    LUL Neck Gaitor


         This is an essential item to my winter kit. Its amazing how much these help in keeping you warm. Made from the same material as my DWR/Thermal beanie. This specialized fleece is windproof with a DWR and  also has a thermal regulating membrane. This aids in retaining and regulating body heat.  Channel at the top uses 1/16th  shock cord and anchored cord lock to keep it in place.

    LUL- Front pouch


          This is a front pouch used to expand your overall pack space and make easy access to gear you use frequently. Its has adjustable mitten clip attachment points for securing to your shoulder straps. Also included is an adjustable waist strap to use as a day pack. It can be carried around your waist or even over the shoulder. Made from 140d dyneema fabric. Comes standard with a #3 YKK waterproof zipper.
    -10 x 7.5 x 2 Deep
    - weight-1.5oz

    Pack Liner/Backpack


    This is a unique dual purpose item, not only is it a custom sized pack liner for your pack but its a light-duty backpack as well. The purpose of this is to have a light day pack to use when your main is not needed. The body is made from thick 1.5oz cuben fiber with a roll top closure while the straps use a combination of 3D Mesh (for padding) and Cuben Fiber. Weight is 3.5oz 17 x 32

    Polar Fleece Beanies


    These are regular Polar-Tec fleece beanies. Warm, lightweight and awesome for your winter kit and who wants a cold head.

    Weight: 1.1 oz

    Silnylon Pack Cover


    This is a seamless pack cover with 1/16 shock cord and micro cord lock to stay in place in any conditions (Optional shock cord and mitten clip to use in extremely windy conditions) This is available in cuben fiber as well for $47.99.
    Silnylon Weight: 2oz
    Cuben Weight: .8oz

    Weight: 2 oz

    Ultralite Accessory pouch #2


    I just love little pouches!! Originally this was a custom project for a customer, now a production item. You can put this just about anywhere. I used hybrid cuben (50d polyester laminated to 1.5oz cuben fiber) to make this thing tough as nails. A #3 waterproof ykk zipper runs the full length with tabs at either end. The back of the pouch has webbing loops to run a belt through or whatever you'd like. The Inside has a built in mitten clip key attachment to make important items extra secure. This is perfect for your cell phone, keys and other small items. Enjoy!

    Ultralite Pack Lids


    These are made from waterproof Dyneema X gridstop fabric in matching ULA evergreen . The perfect addition to your Ula or other lightweight pack. Other colors available.Waterproof #3 ykk zipper goes across the lid for easy access. The new lids have 2.5 in depth with 1/2in side release buckles on each corner for quick connect. 1/2 nylon webbing attached to mitten clips fastens it to the pack. Custom pack lids available. Contact me for build options and pricing.
    - Now with quick clip Detachable 5/8" waist belt
    - Available in Black Dyneema X and 140D Black and evergreen. Make a note in checkout and send me a email. We'll make it happen.

    Weight: 1 oz
    Dimensions: 11 in × 7 in × 2.5 in

    Wood Stove Pouch (Hybrid Cuben) Element stove or emberlit available


    This is the same tough material my critter bags are made from. 2.92oz sqyd (Hybrid) Cuben Fiber. Velcro top closure and easy open grab tabs. This is sized to fit your Element stove and Emberlit stove available.

    Weight - .3oz

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