• *NEW* LUL eVent Rain Pants (Taped Seams included)


      Do you need a super durable pair of rain pants? doing trail work and your a lightweight backpacker. These are for you!!
             Made with 3-layer eVent with adjustable waist and ankle cuffs. The fabric comes in dark drey and moss green. With care this will last a lifetime. Packs down to the side of a soda can.
      -Comes with matching stuff sack.
      - Weight is 7oz for a medium without ankle zippers
      - Please write your pant size in the note section upon checkout

    • *NEW* LUL eVent shell (Taped Seams included)


      This shell is by far my most durable. Made with 3-layer eVent fabric containing superior breathability, this shell gives guys with the most demanding environments one great peace of gear. Durable doesn't have to mean heavy, you can still pack this down to softball size and not have a brick in your pack. Comes standard with taped seams, 2-way adjustable hood (face &brim), elastic cuffs and the lightest weight #3 ykk uretek waterproof zipper available. 
      Weight:  8.5oz for a Medium with Pit-zips and taped seams
      NEW!! Reinforced hood brim
      Comes complete with matching stuff sack
      Full length zipper is standard, the 1/4 zip picture is just a custom project that was done for a customer  (Email me for questions)

      We can add zippers in the armpit area to provide increased ventilation if you like!
    • Cuben Fiber Over-Mitts


      Each set is entirely hand-made, seam taped and ready to go. Made from .75oz sq yd Cuben fiber for durability. Amazingly light at under 1 oz (.8oz to be exact) The wrist area has an Ultralight 3/8 side release buckle with firm grossgrain to tighten down. The over-mitt can also be cinched down to prevent snow from getting in. This area uses 1/16 shock cord and reinforced grommet. During construction the entire glove is seam taped to be completely waterproof. These come in black or white depending on stock. This is determined by lukesultralite. Weight is .8oz Size Large by default, if you need an XL Please indicate in the note section upon checkout.

      Weight: 0.8 oz
    • LUL G***-Tex Shell (P**-Lite) ITS BACK!!


      I took this away for awhile due to fabric availibity but its back!
           This current run of G***-T** (P**-Lite) has a waterproof rating of 5000mm which is plenty for any rainstorm.  The jacket cuffs are elastic (adjustable optional). The hood has a stuffened brim and 2 different adjustments. Face cinch and brim movement back and forward. We use the highest quality #3 ykk Uretek zipper available. The waist is also adjustable using 1/16 shock cord and mini cord locks.
      -Taped seams included
      -Weight for an XL with pit-zips is 7.2 oz
      Currently the only color available is called burnt orange-   Ill get some more pics up soon, this pic doesnt do the color any justice it's actually a really nice shade. Not bright at all, more of a matte finish. This is just to give you an idea of the color mainly.

      We can add zippers in the armpit area to provide increased ventilation if you like!
    • Pertex Backpacking poncho


      Often times I've needed rain gear to cover my pack and me while hiking. A poncho does just that but i needed a cooler one and of course lighter. This is it. Made of pertex or silnylon fabric. Full Featured hood and 4 d-rings along the bottom side. With the included shock cord and mitten clips you can keep it from flying all over the place in high winds. A longer peace of shock cord included for use with a pack on. The poncho is oversized and hangs down to your ankles to keep the water off your pants. The pertex poncho comes with taped seams. Stuff sack included.
      Size- 58 x 82
      Pertex weight- with taped seams 5.2 oz

    • Pertex Rain Pants


      These are a direct match for the Pertex rain shell. Made from the same material and color. Specs: - Adjustable waist (1/16 shock cord and mini cord lock) - Adjustable leg cuffs (1/16 shock cord and mini cord lock) - Packs to the size of a tennis ball - Room to wear hiking pants underneath - Ankle zippers for boots and large shoes (optional) - Taped seams (optional) - Extremly lightweight 2.8oz without taping or ankle zips
      -Please write your pant size in the note section upon checkout

      For Torrential downpours exceeding 3 hours
    • Pertex Rain Shell


      This is currently the lightest Waterproof-Breathable jacket i offer made from Extremely high quality pertex endurance fabric. Pertex Endurance technology incorporates an ultra-thin air permeable coating that is both highly breathable, water-proof and wind resistant. This layer protects the insulation material from the elements to maintain loft and retain warmth. Tech specs: Waterproof 1,000mm, Breathability (MVTR) – 7,000g.
      - 2-way adjustable hood
      - elastic cuffs
      - Full length waterproof lightweight ykk main zipper
      - shock cord and mini cord lock adjustment around the bottom skirt
      - Pit-zips #3 ykk WP 10in (optional)
      - Taped Seams, Cuben fiber seam taping making the seam extremly strong and sealed. (optional)
      - Weight 3.5oz (Without pit-zips or seam taping) about 4.6oz with both options. size: L
      - Color is a Dark charcoal Grey

      NOTES: This jacket is recommended for guys where weight is the highest priority. No it is not as waterproof as my other jackets , but yes it is waterproof. Not recommended for extremely wet environments.

      Weight: 3.5 oz
      We can add zippers in the armpit area to provide increased ventilation if you like!
      For Torrential downpours exceeding 3 hours
    • Pertex SHIELD Rain Pants (Taped seams included)


      These are a great combination of durability and small packing size. Comes with Taped seams, elasticized waist and adjustable ankle cuffs. Throw them on over your hiking pants and your ready for the storm. These are a direct match for the pertex shield jacket.
      Add you pants size in the note section upon checkout.
      Weight  =  3.2oz w/o zips            3.7oz  w/ 20 in waterproof ankle zipper

    • Pertex SHIELD Rain Shell (Taped seams included)


      Pertex shield is an extremely durable fabric for its weight . This will yield a jacket weighing just over 5oz. TAPED SEAMS INCLUDED. This has the durability of gore-tex (Pac-lite) but just a little bit lighter. If you expecting alot of rain this is your go-to jacket with a 10,000mm waterproof rating. This makes it able to handle large rainstorms but keep your pack light. Black and red colors are available .

      Pertex Shield represents a fusion of technically advanced face fabrics with a breathable microporous waterproof coating. With the focus on durability, Pertex Shield combines wind and water protection with excellent comfort, by reducing condensation build-up within the garment.
      NOTE: This is a different fabric than my other pertex jacket. They are NOT the same.
      Technical specification

      Water proof – 10,000 mm
      Breathability (MVTR) – 7,000g (A1) The values for breathability (MVTR) above are shown as an indication of the technology and are largely dependent on the construction and fabrics used.
      Main properties
      Balanced wind and water protection
      Core performance
      Excellent durability

      My Shell Specs:
      Taped Seams included
      Adjustable waist
      2-way adjustable hood
      Elastic Cuffs
      *NEW* Reinforced hood brim

      We can add zippers in the armpit area to provide increased ventilation if you like!
    • Silnylon Backpacking poncho


      Silnylon backpacking poncho ( See pertex poncho for description)

    • Silnylon Pants


      These make a great addition to your rain shell. High strength serged construction. Made from 1.1oz silnylon with 1/16th shock cord adjustable cuffs and waist. At 2.7oz for a medium, Why not bring them? Comes complete with a matching stuff sack! Default size is Medium 36 x 32 Large 38 x 32 Let me know in the note section upon checkout of a size update or request! *Ankle zipper option is now 20 in tall Note: These pants are best as an around camp pant Not so much for hiking. If you want pants for mostly hiking choose my pertex shield pants or the eVent pants.

      Weight: 3 oz
    • Silnylon Rain Shell


      Weighing in at only 4.2oz (without pit zips) this is an extremely light and durable waterproof rain jacket. Made from 1.1oz waterproof-silicone impregnated rip-stop nylon. Has an attached hood with two adjustments around the face and for the brim to move back and forward. Lightweight elastic cuffs and an adjustable waist using 1/16 shock cord. The jacket uses a custom made #3 Ultralight 1-way Seperating YKK Waterproof zipper. Comes complete with a stuff sack and an integrated pocket to store the stuff sack while the jacket is in use. Size small available for women
      *New reinforced hood brim*

      Weight: 4.2 oz
      We can add zippers in the armpit area to provide increased ventilation if you like!
    • Waterproof/Breathable Over-Mittens


      These are a 2.5 layer waterproof/Breathable mitten designed to go over an insulating layer of fleece or similar gloves to protect you from the elements. The wrist area has a 3/8 Side release buckle with elastic that can be tightened or loose. The gauntlet of the glove can be cinched down to keep the snow out using an anchored cord lock and shock cord. At a weight of 2oz this greatly increases your hand warmth and keeps your pack weight low.>
      NOTE: Navy blue color is g***-T*** Fabric
                   Black is pertex shield fabric
                   Charcoal grey is pertex endurace fabric

      Weight: 1.8 oz
      For Torrential downpours exceeding 3 hours

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